Today in Grade 1! (TIGO)


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Dear Families,

We are having fun in grade one. We love working on our smart table. You can make music on it. You can practice you numbers and build pipes.

We are learning about coconuts and coconut crabs. Today we described coconuts. Have you ever seen a coconut crab? They are really cool.


Grade 1

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Morning everyone especially Emma. This is so exciting that even though i live in Australia i can still check and see what all the Grade Ones are doing. I am really looking forward to seeing the happenings!!! Have a great Friday!!! Though i guess it is Friday evening there but it is already Saturday morning here!!!

Hi Emma’s Nana!
Thank you for writing to us. It is Monday morning in Winnipeg. Today we are going to edit our coconut writing.
Chat with you soon!
Your favourite Grade 1s

Wow great topic of coconuts. I use coconut sugar coconut cream coconut milk in cooking and drink coconut water. I look forward to reading more about your activities. Love Emma’s Nana

Hi Nana!
Thank you for writing to us. We are going to try and write a blog post once a week in grade one and send out a tweet once a day. We have a tweeter for each day!

Grade 1

Hello to all.. that will be exciting to hear all about your adventures. Hope you are all staying warm. It is summer here and i am going for a swim in the ocean. Havr s grest day and look forward to hearing more!!! Emma’s Nana

Be careful. We are worried. Are there sharks? Can you see dolphins? We are wondering how Sammy the dog is doing? Does Sammy swim in the ocean too?

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